Colin Tomas Kincaid
Nickname None
Home Town Scotland
Age 20 years old
Status Alive
Occupation Mad Scientist?
Residence Charming, CA
Relationship Status Single
Family Jamie "Gunner" Kincaid (Father)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs
Build Slender but fit
Skin Caucasian
Hair Brownish Auburn
Eyes Dark Blue
Face Claim Sean Biggerstaff
Faction(s) SAMCRO
Former Faction(s) N/A
Rank Prospect
Employer(s) Teller=Morrow Garage


Colin was born to Jamie and Lizzie Kincaid. His parents were childhood sweethearts who grew up together and Gunner was fiercely protective of his delicate highland rose. Petite and fragile looking, the pretty lass worshiped the ground he walked on in return. They seemed to be the perfect love story and everyone could see them growing old together.

Unfortunately, the fates seemed to have other ideas because soon after Colin's birth, Lizzie took ill and died between a combination of child bed fever and pneumonia. Having always been fragile of health, the combination of things was her undoing and she left a shattered husband and newborn baby behind to deal with her loss. Left alone with an infant son that he had no idea how to deal with and grieving the woman he'd loved since he could remember, Jamie struggled for a few months to provide a home but soon discovered that the Royal Navy offered the best avenue of income for a young man looking to support his family. Unable to take the bairn with him, Jamie made the hard decision to leave Colin with his brother, Ian Kincaid, and his sister in law. The pair of them already had a fair sized brood of their own and he knew the boy would be well cared for with them.

Hence Colin grew up among a dozen Scottish cousins and was never left to wonder if he was loved. Gunner returned when he could to visit with his son and as he grew older, took him back to base a time or two when school was out. Pretty much though, their relationship was strained by time and space so when Jamie finally left the Royal Navy, he decided to leave Colin where he was rather than uproot him. The lad was nearly grown and almost finished with his schooling so it seemed to be the right thing.

For the next few years, Colin applied himself to his studies before moving on to the university with an exceptional intelligence in the field of science. He loved to invent things and was always tinkering around with new inventions. Pretty much like his father only not as .. explosive.

By the time he turned 20 though, Colin had enough of learning and turned his attention to other dreams. Having learned that his father had gone to America, Colin began to make his own plans along the same lines. Travel had always been something he'd wanted to do so it seemed only natural to follow his father overseas to a place called Charming. With the help of one Chibs Telford who he'd met in Belfast on one of his many visits with his father.

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