Donna Winston
Home Town Charming, CA
Age 31yrs old
Status Deceased
Occupation --
Residence Charming, CA
Relationship Status Married
Family Opie Winston (Husband)
Kenny Winston (Son)
Ellie Winston (Daughter)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65m
Weight 119.lbs
Build Slim
Skin Caucasian
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Sprague Grayden
Faction(s) Civilian, SAMCRO (By Association)
Former Faction(s) --
Rank --
Employer(s) --

Donna Winston was Opie's wife and the mother of Kenny and Ellie Winston.

She didn't trust SAMCRO after Opie served extensive jail time for the club. Donna and Opie went through a difficult time in their marriage and came close to separating but Donna had a change of heart after Opie was set up by ATF agent June Stahl to look like an informant.

Inspired by the bad image of Opie's mom who separated from Piney and took Opie away, Donna resolved her feelings and seemed okay with Opie being a member of SAMCRO. However the turnaround comes too late as Clay falls for Agent Stahl's deception.

When Clay Morrow ordered Tig Trager to kill Opie, Tig kills Donna by mistake. Opie later became aware of this after Tig confessed to him out of guilt. In response, Opie beat Tig and later held Stahl at gunpoint but showed mercy and let her live.

Weeks later Opie kills Stahl and says "This is what she felt"