Whats a girl without a little bit of flash right? Jade believes it flaunting it if you got it and she'd definitely got it when climbing behind the wheel of her Chevy Corvette. Bought with the generous "gifts" from her admirers, she takes care of it like a mama bear with a cub. Its a symbol of her sucess and allows her to thumb her nose at those who look down theirs.

Jades 2010 Little Red Corvette

Prince's "LITTLE RED CORVETTE" is indeed her favorite song and very fitting for this modern day wicked witch.


One of the more popular American made sports cars for decades has been the Corvette. The Corvette is manufactured by General Motors owned Chevrolet and is one of the signature cars of not only that company, but of the American presence in the automotive industry as a whole. The Corvette has captured both the fantasy and imagination of the public and remains one of the more sought after vehicles in the United States and abroad. Many limited edition and classic Corvettes have sold for serious money at auction, proving that the desire for these cars is not temporary or on a fly-by-night basis. The Corvette continues to be the epitome of “cool”.